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1. PAMO – (

The Pan African Mathematics Olympiads (PAMO) are prestigious event of the African Mathematics Union (AMU) organized each year in an African Country where the best pupils in Mathematics of the Secondary Education who are less than twenty (20) years old, are invited to compete. While emulating the African Youth, it contributes to integration and allows the AMU to detect new talents in Mathematics in order to secure a changeover of quality.

2. Afrika Matematika  ( )

Afrika Matematika is the Journal of the African Mathematical Union.
Its publication started in 1978. It provides a platform both for presenting high-level mathematical research done in Africa, and for bringing international mathematical research to Africa. Since relaunch in 2010, Afrika Matematika's Editorial Board has been restructured and widened to include distinguished mathematicians from various African countries, and from  the other continents.
Afrika Matematika is open to research articles in all areas of mathematics and its applications, and to authors worldwide.
Afrika Matematika also publishes commissioned survey articles on topics of broad current interest in the mathematical community, including more general topics such as history and philosophy of mathematics and mathematical education.
Scrutiny and selection of articles is by the accepted standards of peer review, drawing on the competence of specialist referees worldwide.
Afrika Matematika is indexed and reviewed in Current Mathematical Publications, Mathematical Reviews, MathSciNet and ZentralblattMATH. Afrika Matematika adheres to the IMU Recommendations for Best Practice for Journals.

3. AMS = EMA, African Mathematical Schools ( )

This is an activity in collaboration with the African Mathematical Union. Schools at Master level at your institute (possibility to join forces with other institute in the "neighbourhoods" A NEW CALL WILL COME OUT FOR THE 2015 Schools. Typically deadline in October 2014 (but if you are interested, just write to earlier!!


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